Let’s start with a basic React App install with react-router-dom.

npx create-react-app my-app
cd my-app
npm start

Once we are inside the application, let’s install react-router.

npm install react-router-dom

Before we dig in, let’s first discuss what we will be doing today. In my experience, if we are building a slightly bigger application and want to implement client-side routing along with user authentication like a JSON Web Token it is important to get started with the right foot. That way we can avoid any mishaps and confusion down the road. This is what we will be covering today, setting up…

Every single day a large majority of us have to login into some online application wether it is for school, work, or just leisure. If you surf the web long enough, you will start to notice some patterns on how companies approach the signup/login process and what you have to do if you forget your password. Many people assume that large companies do the right thing in order to keep our sensitive information secure but that doesn’t stop hackers from trying to break into our accounts and steal our infromation. But how can a hacker find out what my password…

For those that want to do a complete 180 degree turn around in their careers and pivot into Software Engineering, learning a new skill is far from easy. It is also far from a comfortable process. When I decided to join a Software Engineering Bootcamp, my first week felt like I was trying to drink from a firehose. Luckily, I was surrounded by awesome classmates and a truly remarkable teaching staff. Once I started to understand the concept of an enumerable, for Ruby in particular, I was having a hard time to understand what tool to use when building out…

Dominik Szarkiel

Software Engineering Student

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